Guía de Barrios de Madrid. Donde vivir en el centro

Llegar a una nueva ciudad es maravilloso, pero elegir un lugar adecuado donde vivir puede ser complicado si no conoces muy bien la ciudad. Por eso hemos creado una guía de barrios de Madrid para que puedas escoger tu próximo lugar de residencia o simplemente quieras visitar. La lista no está por orden así cualquier […]

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Cool things to do on a Sunday in Madrid!

It is Sunday and you are hangover after a long night drinking and enjoying Madrid’s nightlife, but you still have some energy left to explore the city. Madrid is a big cosmopolitan city and there are always things to do every day of the week and here are some ideas for you of how to […]

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Best neighborhoods to live in Madrid (center)

Arriving to a new city is always an amazing experience full of adventures but finding a place to live may be confusing and frustrating if you don’t even know where to start or what you could find in the area. We want to help people find the best places in the city and explain why […]

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