Toledo has the most beautiful Night View in the world

FITUR has left us amazing postcards from different cities around the world, as well as the video we shared yesterday about the Lifestyle in Madrid that you can see in our Blog section. Another city that stood out in the tourist conference held the previous week was Toledo, a walled city located in the plains of Castilla-La Mancha where you can appreciate the clash of different cultures.

This time, the Japan Congress Bureau and Convention Bureau (Yakei) awarded it the recognition of the Most Beautiful Night View in the World for its lighting, night view and for being an image without light pollution.

If you have ever been to Toledo, you know that from the Valleyitself there is an incredible viewpoint where you can see the entire city and famous monuments of its historic center; the Cathedral of Santa María, the church of the Just Saints, the Synagogue and the Mosque of Cristo de la Luz.

Its historic center has already been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, making Toledo one of the most visited tourist destinations if you are in Madrid.

If you have not yet visited the city of Toledo or you have only done so during the day, do not miss the opportunity to witness this historic skyline of the city and marvel at its incredible views

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