The good weather is coming and with it the desire to go to the beach, lie in the sun and enjoy the summer months, and why not, learn to surf waves and benefit from the practice of this sport that is so complete and very popular worldwide.

In this post we list some of the benefits that surfing brings

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You will feel better and be in shape

It is a complete and demanding sport, since many muscle groups are worked on, such as the abdomen, legs and buttocks. Surfers tend to have good muscle tone and a defined physical appearance, as surfing is a great Aerobic exercise that combines endurance with physical capacity.



You will disconnect from everything

It may be that the first steps of learning to surf are hard and repetitive, but that same mental and physical demand will help you disconnect from everyday stress, you will be more focused on standing up on the board and surfing that perfect wave. Surfing is a very complete body-mind workout, especially when you are in the sea, waiting to get on a wave, you will have many moments of incredible peace and quiet.



You will sleep better

Being outdoors will not only reduce your stress levels, but your circadian cycles will be regulated thanks to the secretion of melatonin that is released when practicing sports in the sun. That, added to the intensity of the surf; paddling, fighting the waves, standing up and changing positions, will make you seek as much rest as possible to recover. All of this will contribute to healthier sleep patterns.


Improve your Cardiovascular System

It is proven in many studies that regular physical exercise reduces heart-related problems. Surfing requires being active for long periods of time, which raises the heart rate and improves the circulation of oxygen in the blood and respiratory system.


The benefits of sea water

.When you enter the sea, it will act as a natural exfoliant, eliminating toxins from the body and helping cell regeneration. It also regulates blood pressure and clears the lungs of mucus, helping to eliminate congestion.


You will have many more friends

Surfing is a sport that is usually practiced a lot in the company of other people, whether it is friends or strangers you find on the beach, it will help you socialize and create new circles around this sport. You will spend so many hours with surf teachers, strangers and friends that you will forge great friendships through the experiences they live.



You will feel happier

Not only learning to surf will be a personal challengethat will make you feel better about yourself, but also, it has been shown that exposure to the sun has a positive impact on people’s health, that added to the endorphins from practicing a water sport, you will surely come out with a huge smile or laughing out loud after a surf session.



Take advantage of the benefits of surfing and don’t forget to sign up for some of our outings that include face-to-face classes with expert surfers.

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