You don’t have to go that far to find incredible natural places near Madrid. The Community has unique sites that overflow with incredible beauty; towns, forests, mountains and waterfallswhere you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend an unforgettable day.

There are many options of rivers, waterfalls and sides, but we bring you8 of the most incredible waterfalls that you can find near the Community of Madrid.

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Chorrera de los Litueros

With 40 meters of height and the incredible noise of the flowing waterfall that you can hear as you approach it, Chorrera de los Litueros is the highest waterfall in the Community, it is in Somosierra, and from the force of this incredible waterfall is born the Duraton River.


Cascada del Purgatorio

To get to this waterfall with such a peculiar name, you must travel 14 kilometers between pines and oaks, located in Rascafría, at the end of your path you will find a waterfall over ten meters high, which forms the Caudal del Arroyo del Aguilón. Another attraction of this area is that, on the way to the Cascada del Purgatorio, you will find some natural pools.



Cascada del Hervidero

The 13 kilometer route that takes you to this double waterfall can be done on foot or by bicycle, it is usually one of the favorite destinations of many people in summer. Although it is also possible to reach the waterfalls by car. The place has paths and aqueducts, as well as areas where you can spend the day and witness the majesty of the place.


Cascada del Embalse del Pradillo

Near the Cascada del Purgatorio, and in the area of ​​Rascafría, is the beautiful Cascada del Embalse del Pradillo. Its waters are considered some of the most crystalline in the area. It is an 11-kilometer walk with comfortable paths and paths, so you can enjoy the journey before reaching this impressive destination.




Ducha de los Alemanes

. This curious double waterfall takes its name from the mountaineers of German origin who bathed in this area in the previous century. The Calzada Romana de Cercedilla ends at this waterfall, with the water falling strongly for 2 meters, it is one of the best to take a shower and cool off.



Cascada del Cancho Litero

Very little known and not as famous as the previous ones, the Cancho Litero Waterfall is located in the Navalafuente area, so you can enjoy a destination that is not very crowded by visitors. The waterfall flows into a pool that will take your breath away when you see it for the first time.


Cascada del Hornillo

With a circular route between oaks and pines, this small waterfall of 10 meters can be easily accessed by the comfort of its paths. In addition, during the tour, you can see the Embalse de la Aceña, and on very clear days, incredible views of the Escorial and the Sierra de Gredos.


Cascada de las Guarramillas y la Poza de Sócrates

This pool does not receive its name from the famous philosopher, but from Sócrates Quintana Montoto, an Atlético de Madrid player, who was part of the Spanish Alpine Club. It is located 1km south of Puerto de Cotos, and the water forms the small waterfall and the Poza de Sócrates.


We hope you can visit some of these incredible waterfalls that are near Madrid. Remember that you can attend any of our guided tours and check the ones we have active in our link.


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