Pedro Sánchez announces a 100% subsidy for Renfe subscriptions

A few weeks ago state aid was announced for public transport, you can see all the information in this post, and now the current president of the government has announced that the aid announced for Renfe season tickets will go from 50% to 100% With this, the subscriptions would become zero cost, however, there are […]

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How much will the transport pass cost me with the government discount?

The council of ministers met on June 25 to approve a Royal Decree-law 25/2022, discussing a series of measures that seek to cushion the rise in energy and fuel prices. Among these packages, the Reduction of the price of passes and travel ticketswas approved to promote public transport. With this new initiative, the transport tickets […]

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How to obtain a Madrid Transport Card (Subscription). Easy

One of the best things about Madrid is its transportation system. To be able to use it, you have to obtain a transport card. There are two types of card, a fast one, which you can get at any vending machine inside Metro, with which you can recharge a single trip or 10 trips that […]

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