The biggest drone show in Spain will be this Friday in Madrid

Surely you have seen on television or in other cities some drone shows that form incredible figures in the air; people, buildings, mountains, planets and messages are some of the amazing ways that these drones can create together. Well, this Friday, October 13, in Madrid we will be able to witness what is considered the largest drone show ever seen in all of Spain.

The Casa de Campo lake will be the setting where the City Council will carry out this drone show as part of Columbus Day.

It will start at 9:00 p.m. and will last approximately 10 minutes. It will be carried out as a collaboration between the Madrid City Council and Hispanogaming 2023. There will be three hundred drones that will draw relative images of the arrival of Christopher Columbus to America.

The images of this show will seek to represent the links between cultures through video games.

The drones will reach an approximate height of about 120 meters and the best area to see them will be around the Environmental Education Information Center.

We hope you can enjoy this incredible Drone show in Madrid this Friday, October 13 at Lake Casa de Campo.

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