San Isidro 2024 free concerts; dates, venue and time

Although the festival of San Isidro is officially celebrated on May 15, it is already possible to attend the various concerts that will be held in different parts of Madrid, many of them free.

Not only will it be possible to see the chulapos and chulapas in the streets of Madrid during these days, but there will also be concerts in emblematic places such as the Pradera, Matadero, Las Vistillas and Plaza Mayor.

Since May 3rd, it has already been possible to enjoy some concerts and it will be until May 15th that the program of music of different generations will continue. Thus, there will be artists such as Russian Red, Azucar Moreno or Ralphie Choo.

Important: the concerts to be held at Matadero will also be free, but tickets must be downloaded from .

Here is the list of all the free concerts of San Isidro 2024

Monday, May 6

  • Pepa Lebowsky. San Isidro meadow. (20:00h).
  • The woodshed. San Isidro meadow. (21:30h).

Tuesday, May 7th

  • Smoked Bourbon (family/caste scenario). San Isidro meadow. (18:30h).
  • The border. San Isidro meadow. (18:30h).
  • Mothers. San Isidro meadow. (20:00h).

Wednesday, May 8

  • Enlacasa. San Isidro meadow. (20:00h).
  • Ede. San Isidro meadow. (21:30h).

Thursday, May 9th

  • Charly and the coconut (castizo/familiar scenario). San Isidro meadow. (18:30h).
  • Rodrigo Mercado. San Isidro meadow. (20:00h).
  • Momo: homage to Queen. San Isidro meadow. (21:30h).

Friday, May 10th

  • Seville distortion. San Isidro meadow. (20:30h).
  • Los del Rio. San Isidro meadow. (22:15h).
  • Sofia Cristo DJ Set. San Isidro meadow. (23:59h).
  • The Gramophone Allstars Big Band. Las Vistillas. (21:30h).
  • Miguel Ángel Sutil / Enlace Funk (DJ Set). Las Vistillas. (23:15h).
  • Karmento. Plaza Mayor. (20:30h).
  • Gloosito. Matadero Madrid. (20:30h).
  • Selectya Glossy (DJ Set). Matadero Madrid. (22:45h).

Saturday, May 11

  • The verbenissima. San Isidro meadow. (21:00h).
  • Nancys Rubias. San Isidro meadow. (22:30h).
  • Natalia Ferviú. San Isidro meadow. (23:59h).
  • Gazzy (DJ Set). Las Vistillas. (20:00h).
  • Ralphie Choo. Las Vistillas. (21:30h).
  • 1st Degree (DJ Set). Las Vistillas. (23:15h).
  • Municipal Symphonic Band of Madrid. Plaza Mayor. (21:30h).
  • MAD COOL in San Isidro: Natalia Lacunza, Alfie Templeman, Crawlers and Lina de Sol. Matadero Madrid. (20:00h).

Sunday, May 12

  • She Dances Alone. Las Vistillas. (21:30h).
  • Verbena de San Isidro with the Orquesta Nuevo Versalles. Matadero Madrid. (20:00h).

Monday, May 13

  • Mother. San Isidro meadow. (20:00h).
  • Pedro Pastor. San Isidro meadow. (21:30h).

Tuesday, May 14th

  • Maximiliano Calvo. San Isidro meadow. (20:30h).
  • Russian Red. San Isidro meadow. (22:00h).
  • The body of the DJ Set. San Isidro meadow. (23:59h).
  • Villa de Madrid Rock Awards. Las Vistillas. (18:15h).
  • Los Punsetes. Las Vistillas. (22:00h).
  • Diskoan (DJ Set). Las Vistillas. (23:15h).
  • Verbena de San Isidro with the Atlántida Show Orchestra. Matadero Madrid. (20:00h).

Wednesday, May 15

  • Ona Mafalda. San Isidro meadow. (21:20h).
  • Brown sugar. San Isidro meadow. (22:50h).
  • Navel. Las Vistillas. (20:00h).
  • Queralt Lahoz. Las Vistillas. (21:30h).
  • Mari Pepa from Chamberí. Plaza Mayor. (19:15h).
  • Olga María Ramos. Plaza Mayor. (20:15h).
  • Diana Navarro. Plaza Mayor. (21:30h).
  • Slaughterhouses. Zona Bruta: 30 years of hip-hop made in Madrid. Matadero Madrid. (19:30h).

Live these Fiestas de San Isidro 2024 and enjoy the different concerts that will be held throughout the city.

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