Madrid’s first mascletà already has date and place

As a prelude to the start of the Fallas, the City Council of Madrid and Valencia have set the date of Sunday, February 18, a day before the Crida that starts the Fallas, as the day on which the first mascletà will be held in the capital’s history.

Before continuing with the location, we want to define What is a mascletà? a mascletà is a series of loud explosives (known as “mascletà”). masclets, hence its name) with a certain power that are fired continuously with the basic purpose of producing noise (not lights), but not in any way, but with rhythm. In fact, the mascletà is almost always fired during the day, although they have more and more color effects and these become more important when it is a night mascletà (also called “mascletà of colors”).

Regarding the location, it has been this Monday, February 5, when the mayor of the city, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, who has revealed that the mascletà will take place in Madrid Rio, specifically in the esplanade of the Puente del Rey.

The consistories of Madrid and Valencia met since November last year to design the device for the firing of the mascletà in Madrid, as this requires a different mechanism than the one used in the Comunitat Valenciana, Pirotecnia Valenciana will be in charge of the whole event.

The mayoress of Valencia has pointed out that “this is a way to make our fallas even more international and to bring to another part of Spain an activity that is very much our own”.

The Madrid mascletà will be held one day before the Crida, February 19, an event held at the Torres de Serranos in Valencia that kicks off the Fallas of Valencia. On that day, the Fallera Mayor and Fallera Infantil of Valencia gather all the fallera commissions to send a message to falleros, neighbors and tourists.

We hope you can attend the first mascletà in the city of Madrid.

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