Madrid has two of the best pizzerias in the world

The capital of Spain is a multicultural city, not only because of the large number of tourists and foreigners who walk through its streets every day, but also because it has such a varied gastronomic offer of incredible quality.

In Madrid you can eat the best fabadas in the world, try the best Paellas and taste the best Japanese food restaurants.

And in the case of pizzerias it is no exception, there are countless Italian food restaurants in Madrid, and many of them world-class. In this case, TopPizza is in charge of listing the best pizzerias in the world, and yesterday they had their annual meeting at the Court Theater of the Royal Palace of Naples and it was revealed that the best pizzerias in the world are in Italy .

Taking first place are two pizzerias 10 Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria (Napoli) and Masanielli (Caserta). The second place is located in New York, Una Pizza Napoletana and the third place is Sartoria Panatieri which is located in Barcelona.

The first Madrid pizzeria in this top is in position 42, the famous Fratelli Figurato, which has been one of the favorites of Madrid residents for years. The other Madrid pizzeria is Baldoria in position 64, the restaurant of Ciro Cristiano, former executive chef of the Big Mamma group.

If you are in Madrid, do not hesitate to stop by one of these pizzerias and check out their flavor and quality.

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