Madrid could break the Guinness Record for the largest gathering of people dancing “La Macarena”.

It is a song that has become a worldwide icon; you hear it at parties, discos, events, in the street and when it is played everyone, regardless of the languages, is able to say “Hey Macarena. For this reason, and because of a challenge that has gone viral on TikTok, at Madrid could be sought to break the current Guinness World Record of more people dancing to this famous song by those of the RiverCurrently, this record is held by England.

The person responsible for this call is Elena Castilla, who, in a video on her TikTok channel (@elenacastilla) with the message “are you ready to set a date for the most epic day in Spain this year, where we are going to take the Guinness Record of La Macarena away from England?”

The record to beat, which you can find on the official Guinness World Records website, is the most people dancing the Macarena at the same time, which currently stands at 2,219 people. The proposal has gone viral and, in the face of all this, Elena Castilla has begun preparations to make this a reality.

How to be part of the possible Guinness World Record?

All the furor over this challenge has even led some people to claim that they will travel all the way to Madrid to break the record. And if you also want to be part of this initiative, we leave you the web link where you can join their WhatsApp group, which already has more than 30,000 people, and learn more details about the event.

We are currently considering three possible dates; March 24, 31 and April 14, the latter is the one with the most votes. And to make it even more special, the authors of this famous song, Los del Rio, have stated that they will participate to beat the Guinness World Record.

Guinness World Records has sent a list of requirements for the challenge to be valid, among which are that all participants dance synchronized for five minutes . The Macarena at the same time. As for the location, Elena Castilla said in one of her videos that she will have a meeting with the councilman of Madrid Centro to find the best location.

In addition, in order to make it more enjoyable, artists of all kinds, comedians and people will be invited to perform before and after the dance, so that there will be different shows.

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