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Las Dehesas de Navalvillar (Meadows & Views)- Saturday, March 2

Sat, 02/03/2024 (10:00 - 17:00)
Bus Burguer, Intercambiador de Plaza de Castilla, Plaza Castilla, Madrid, España


We will enjoy an easy trail, with history, charm and spectacular views.

Dehesas are large flat pasture lands adapted for the feeding of animals such as cows, bulls, etc.

In Colmenar Viejo, just over 30 minutes away from Madrid, will take place our route, also known as the “Gateway to the Sierra of Guadarrama”. It has a rich landscape and ecological value where famou sdirectors as Sergio Leone or Clint Eastwood filmed Wild West movies, since the landscapes are very similar to the American prairies and where you can see eagles and other aerial predators, as well as their prey: rabbits. Luckily will also see cows if they have let them out to graze 🐄.

In addition to the views, we’ll visit ancient ruins of the Visigoths people, who inhabited the area more than 15 centuries ago.

In the middle of the hike, we will have a picnic to rest, eat, enjoy the views of Manzanares castle and it’s reservoir and begin our return.
This is a beautiful route of easy level, accessible to all.

This is an easy level route suitable for everyone of about 13km and 190m of gradual elevation.

★★★ LET’S GO ★★★

WHEN: Saturday, March 2.
✔TIME: 10:00
MEETING POINT: Metro Plaza de Castilla Floor 0, in front of Bus Burguer.
✔Price: ONLY 12€
Including guide, photography report.

🚗 All of our routes are accessible by public transportation, bring some cash for the bus. If you have a car, you can bring it and share gasoline costs with other participants. If you are under 26 years old and have a transport pass, it is free.


1. Bring comfortable walking or hiking boots or comfortable sneakers.
2. Every person should bring at least 1.5 lt of water
3. Bring food (sandwich, fruit, etc).
4. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen.
5. Cash for the bus (not included)
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Saturday, 02/03/2024

10:00 - 17:00  

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