Arriving to a new city is always an amazing experience full of adventures but finding a place to live may be confusing and frustrating if you don’t even know where to start or what you could find in the area. We want to help people find the best places in the city and explain why they are the best. Check here some of the coolest areas and the best neighborhoods to live in the center of Madrid!

La Latina

One of the coolest neighborhoods of Madrid, not only because of its historical buildings, but because it is also one of the most traditional and popular neighborhoods of the city. Visited every day by locals due to its numerous and charming taberns, bars and restaurants. La Latina is also famous for the biggest street flea market of the city: El Rastro, which opens every Sunday in La Rivera de Curtidores street making Madrid feel like a traditional Spanish town.


Lavapies neighborhood! everybody knows this area as the most multiculural hub of Madrid,the streets are lined with indian restaurants, traditional Spanish bars and people from all over the world.Combine this with the numerous retail stores selling cultural goods and the budget accommodation options, it’s a great choice for those looking to make the most of their Madrid experience. La Latina is the big brother to Lavapies due to it’s close proximity, and with fine tapas bars, small boutiques and a host of activities, these neighbouring areas enrich one another. Lavapies is also within walking distance of Puerta del Sol and Anton Martín, two key areas of the city.


Home to the famous “Movida Madrileña” movement of the late 70’s and early 80’s, Malasaña expresses itself through art, culture and social gatherings. Whilst also maintaining a modern and avant-garde appearance, Malasaña’s alternative music scene makes it a popular party location for locals and expats alike. Expect a medium to high price range if you are wanting to rent in this area, but of course Malasaña has a lot on offer so it depends on exactly what you are looking for.


Student area, close to the biggest universities of Madrid and also a place where you can go and party in a young international ambience, however if you want to get closer to the spanish culture, you better step away from the norm and live in some of the other areas mentioned.


Despite this is not a neighborhood only for gay people because as every where in Madrid you can find people of all colors, genders, and social status, this is definitely the place if you want to spend your time in Madrid in the most open minded neighborhood of the city, gay clubs, events, gay clothes shops and parties.

But also a modern area making the city full of life and color, with medium/high rate price for renting a place, Chueca can be the perfect place if you want to live in the center of the city.

Barrio de Salamanca

Cool neighborhood? yes, Expensive? maybe a bit (depending on your numbers), actually the most expensive district of Spain. The most elegant boutiques of the city, fashion stores, restaurants and clubs makes this area shine by itself. Its streets are a very important part of Madrid, full of history and events through the time. This classic neighborhood has become modern in it’s own way, while conserving the Spanish feeling in everything you see around.

If you think your budget is enough to find a place here, I encourage you to do it, I can guarantee it will be worth it!

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