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Discover Madrid’s Live music Scene – Live music bar tour

Tue, 23/07/2024 - Wed, 31/07/2024 (20:30 - 00:30)


Live Music Barcrawl!

If you’re a true lover of live music, then consider putting this experience at the top of your list! 🎵🎶

We will meet right in the center of the city to begin our musical tour visiting some of the best live performance venues Madrid has to offer.
Depending on the night, we will listen to different styles and genres, so open your ears wide.

It’s overwhelming to search the internet and find places, opinions and not knowing exactly where to go, so let us help you by showing you the secret places that only some locals know about.

We will visit 3 shows within walking distance of each other, we will find a way to spend a pleasant time in a group together with participants of all ages and from different countries. 🗺️

Other things to note
This is an experience for ALL music lovers! You don’t need to be an artist or have experience in music to enjoy! This experience is also suitable for those who do not drink alcohol.

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