Restaurants with limited capacity, restricted hours, very few customers and zero tourists. That is the situation of the hospitality industry in Madrid, which after several months enduring, has had a hard impact on the legendary bars and restaurants of Madrid. Thus, four of the six establishments of the Museo del Jamón have temporarily closed since Tuesday after the state of alarm was decreed in the capital.

With the current restrictions, it is not profitable for the owners of the Museo del Jamón to have all their establishments open. “Sales have dropped a lot since we reopened,” Marcelo Muñoz e Hijos, the company that manages six stores under the El Museo del Jamón brand, points out to Invertia.

Muñoz, responsible for the management of the Museo del Jamón, together with his father and uncle, tells how difficult and painful it has been to communicate it to employees. “This morning I went to prepare the closure of one of the establishments and the Puerta del Sol was empty. My workers are having a terrible time. They live the business as if it were theirs. With all the pain in our hearts we have made this decision. No We know if this will take the business ahead and we will have to end up closing for good. Our soul falls to our feet. It really is very painful to have to do this, “Luis Alberto Muñoz reiterates sadly.