Despite we will not get rid of the Coronavirus any time soon, the city is trying to do all the efforts to celebrate the Christmas season as much as it is possible, taking all the safety measures available.

For this, the mayor of Madrid José Luis Martínez-Almeida will take the Nativity Scene outside the traditional City Hall of Madrid and put it available for everybody to visit it in the open air. Also they said the Christmas lights will be turned on at the end of November.

“This year the people of Madrid deserve more than ever to have a Christmas they can enjoy given the dramatic year we have gone through” the mayor has highlighted, but mentioning as well that the City Hall “will comply with all health protocols”

Usully the Nativity Scene is set inside the City Hall, but they have decided to place it outside it. “It is a historic place so that there is Christmas and citizens can come to enjoy the Nativity Scene,” said the mayor, who has confirmed that it will not be the only one in the city of Madrid. Also CentroCentro, in the Palacio de Cibeles, will maintain its traditional Nativity and the districts will be able to enable theirs.

As said in the last few weeks, the Christmas lights will be turned on the last week of November, altought, they haven’t decided yet, which day specifically.

So, we will be able to enjoy Christmas after all!

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