After a weekend with a feeling of spring and sunny days, the thermometers drop again in Madrid, once again activating the alert of the Plan for Surveillance and Control of the Effects of the Cold of the Community of Madrid.

What we experienced the previous week is known as the Santa Águeda Summer, where we had sunny days and temperatures that reached maximums of up to 16 degrees.

The region expects to reach 6 degrees below zero in the Sierra and 4 degrees below zero in Valle del Tajo. The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) has baptized this temporary phenomenon as Isaack storm, which will cause frost, snowfall and cold winds throughout Spain.



In Madrid, the coldest minimum temperatures will be reached today, Tuesday, when the thermometers are around 0 degrees, a rather icy weekend is also expected with minimum temperatures that will be around 1 degrees on Saturday and Sunday.

For all this, the councils of the organisms speak of placing the houses in temperatures around 20 and 22 degrees Celsius, having several layers of clothing when going out and not remaining static for a long time.

We hope that the weather improves again week by week, and remember that there is little left to enter spring.

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