The long days of summer usually have a great protagonist as night falls, the moon usually looks bigger and brighter in certain weeks, and today, Wednesday, July 13, you will be able to appreciate it even more.

The biggest full moon of the year arrives today and can be seen from different points of the city of Madrid and Spain.

Specifically, the moon will look 7% larger than usualfrom today. The “Deer Supermoon”that usually occurs on these summer days owes its name to the fact that the phenomenon coincides with the deer rutting and mating season.

After the “Strawberry Supermoon” that we talked about a few weeks ago, this will be the second supermoon of the year that can be seen, and before the “Sturgeon Supermoon”that can be seen in August. The skies will become an incredible spectacle for the curious and lovers of astronomy.

The reason for these “Supermoons” is due to their proximity to the earth on these dates. This event is known as perigee, and the normal distance from the earth to the moon during the nights, which is usually 384,000 on average, is shortened during the “Supermoons” to 360,000 kilometers.


Likewise, if you want to enjoy this phenomenon, you do not need technical equipment or specialized material. Due to the incredible luminosity of the moon during these phases, the use of telescopes or other devices would only affect the correct vision of this. The most advisable thing is to find a clear place that allows you to observe the sky without the light pollution of the city.

The best time to try to take a photoof this phenomenon is after it rises over the horizon, reaching the phase of the full moon at approximately 8:37 p.m. At that moment the “Deer Supermoon” will be the protagonist of the skies of Madrid and Spain, a phenomenon that you will not be able to see again until August.

Don’t miss out on this astronomical show that will make Madrid’s summer nights even more magical.


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