The mandatory use of the mask on the streets has its days numbered, the Interterritorial Health Council has given the green light to eliminate the mask outdoors, after the government once again required its use outdoors during the past holidays due to the spread of the Omicron variable.

However, its use will continue to be mandatory in massive eventsthat take place outdoors, attendees must stand and the distance of 1.5 meters cannot be kept.


It was the Minister of Health, Carolina Darías, who submitted the elimination of the mask outdoors to the approval of the council, but always maintaining its use in closed spaces and events with many people.

Likewise, if there are crowds in outdoor spaces, the same council will include the use of the mask as a “recommendation”.

Another measure that was approved, and that affects sporting events such as professional soccer and basketball games, increasing their capacity from 50% to 75% and outdoors from 75% to 85%, it is expected that in March of this year these events regain 100% capacity.

We will keep you updated with any further news regarding the current restrictions and their changes.

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