Many will not know that the Chamartín station had a skating rink in 1975 that was the center of attention in the capital: Rolling Disco. And although this rink closed many years ago, Rolling Dance & Burger has arrived to become one of the largest skating rinks in Europe, taking the place of its predecessor in the attic of Chamartín station.

Now you can skate to the rhythm of the music and eat a delicious menu in a space of 900 square meters that includes a gastronomic area.


Trying to be faithful to its predecessor, but also adapting to current times, this skating rink will seek to bring skating closer to the general public and become the leisure center for many in the capital.

Moreover, if you feel that you do not have much experience in skating or that you need to practice, Rolling Dance & Burger has a schoolthat teaches skating to the most novice and the most advanced, there are even traditional or in-line skating sessions.

Also, there are DJ sessions to an eighties musical rhythm so you can “dance on wheels on the dance floor” and enjoy a unique atmosphere.


And for all those who end up tired and very hungry after the skating session, the gastronomic space offers the traditional American menu that can be a hamburger, Hot-Dog, sandwich or salad, fries and drinks to choose from.

We leave you the link so you can book this experiencethat includes one of the largest skating rinks in Europe, an American menu and all the necessary equipment for skating.

Strap on your skates and hit the rink disco-style.

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