A new reopening date has been announced for the new Puerta del Sol, it will be at the beginning of April, however, it will do so without the new Cercanías entrance, which will replace the current “Ballena” that is still in the square.

It will be on April 3, 2023 when you can walk through the square in its entirety after the reforms, let’s remember that the objective of this project is to turn Puerta del Sol into a 100% pedestrian area for its visitors, as well as changes in the fountains and Subway tickets. However, one of the most radical changes in its old structure is to remove the current “Whale” structure that serves as an entrance for the subway and suburban trains, since it is planned to place a smaller access, made of transparent glass and in accordance with the new design.



This change of the entrance in the form of a “Whale” will remain pending after the reopening of the new Puerta del Sol in April, since there are still pending permits due to difficulties derived from security.

In addition to the changes that we have mentioned, the remodeling also entails new seating lines for its visitors on the north side, the sales kiosks will be in glass pavilions, the new oval fountain where the statue of Carlos III will be.



Likewise, the square will be paved with granite pieces of different formats and shades and the km 0 plaque will be enhanced.

We will be informing you of any changes in the remodeling plans and dates of the New Puerta del Sol.

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