A few weeks ago state aid was announced for public transport, you can see all the information in this post, and now the current president of the government has announced that the aid announced for Renfe season tickets will go from 50% to 100%

With this, the subscriptions would become zero cost, however, there are doubts about what type of tickets this measure affects and in this post we will tell you about it.

The 100% subsidy will affect the price of “Cercanias” and Medium Distance subscriptions, a measure that seeks to encourage the use of this transport and combat the current crisis that has been triggered by the war that is being carried out in Ukraine.

However, what tickets or trips will this measure affect?Well, it must be said that the 100% subsidy would only affect those trains operated by Renfe (Cercanías, Media Distancia and Rodalies).



Therefore, this new 100% subsidy measure would not affect collective public transport that depends on the autonomous communities and city councils, such as the metro or bus services. However, and as we mentioned in a previous post, these services will have a 30% help from September 1 of this year.

These zero-cost subscriptions will affect a total of 6 types of medium-distance multi-trip ticketsand the 10-trip Cercanías and Rodalies train pass, which last 30 days and can be used by several people.

The six Media Distancia service vouchersthat will become zero cost are the following: Regional 10 Voucher, Simple 10 Card, Free 10 Card, Regional Monthly Pass, Simple 40 Monthly Card and Free 40 Monthly Card.

We clarify again, that out of this subsidy, the vouchers of the transport consortium would remain, such as the Madrid Metro, EMT buses and the Ave. Nor does it include single tickets, that is, those that allow you to take a single trip in any of these means.

Medium-distance services are those routes of less than 300km, for example, Madrid-Ávila.

This new measure will enter into force on September 1, 2022 until December 31 of this year. That is, all the bonuses mentioned above and acquired in that period will be completely free.

We will be reporting all the details that are known about these new measures that seek to promote the use of public transport.

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