Since the summer of 2020, swimming was prohibited in the entire region due to Covid19. With the relaxation of the measures, the Community of Madrid has announced that this year it will allow swimming in rivers and lakes in the region. That is why we bring you a list of beaches where you can take a dip.

San Juan Swamp:

San Juan swamp

The most popular destination to combat the summer is the San Juan reservoir, a large reservoir with numerous beaches and a beach bar as well as a wide variety of water activities such as kayaking, water skiing, flyboarding, boat rental, sailing … The views of the mountains that surround this famous reservoir are also impressive, where locals gather every year to enjoy its waters.

In addition to the Madrid beach, as the San Juan reservoir is popularly known, it is also allowed in the following areas:

The Rascafría Clips:

list of beaches

A small dam that forms a natural pool with the waters that come down from the Lozoya River. It has a large green area to sunbathe and spend the day escaping from the intense heat of the city.

Alberche Beach:

This place is located in the municipality of Aldea del Fresno, like the others, its access is free and it is conditioned to be able to spend the day with family, friends or children. It is surrounded by trees that provide shade. It is also a natural pool formed by the Alberche River and the Perales River.

The Villares de Estremera:

Also known by the name of Playa de los Villares, it is the only place in the Community of Madrid where Madrilenians can bathe in the Tagus River. With kiosks, surrounded by pine trees and a beach to spend the day, it is also an ideal place to spend a weekend day.

Every other Saturday until July, we will go on a hiking route with kayak included. You can see details here: Kayak, Hike & Beach

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