The council of ministers met on June 25 to approve a Royal Decree-law 25/2022, discussing a series of measures that seek to cushion the rise in energy and fuel prices. Among these packages, the Reduction of the price of passes and travel ticketswas approved to promote public transport.

With this new initiative, the transport tickets of the autonomous communities will cost 30% less from September to December of this year.

In total, in order to implement this price drop in transport passes, 221 million will be allocated, which will be financed through an extraordinary credit. This will start from September 1 of this year and will last until December 31 of the same.

The discounts, in the case of state public transport, will be 50%, – such as the Renfe intended for public service obligations (Cercanías, Media Distancia and Avant) – and the 30% for all subscriptions from the Autonomous Communities or local institutions, which could even increase to 50% with their own resources.

It is very important to take into account that these aids will only be effective for all those subscriptions or titles sold between September 1 to December 31, 2022and that are valid in that period. Round-trip tickets are excluded from this reduction.


Now we tell you the new prices that will be in that period of time. In the case of Madrid, the reduction will affect the payment of the Madrid Regional Transport Consortium, which includes the Madrid Metro, Cercanías and Urban and Interurban Buses. The prices, with a 30% reduction, would be the following:

  • Youth subscription:from €20 to €14
  • General monthly subscription (for Madrid capital):from €54.60 to €38.22
  • General monthly pass (for the entire region): from €82 to €57.4
  • General monthly pass (with coverage up to Toledo capital):€131.80 to €92.26

Likewise, the text approved by the ministers and which includes the discounts also mentions that in the case of annual transport passes that have been purchased before the entry into force of this Royal Decree-law, “the competent administration may decide whether to enable a system for allow the return to the user of the proportional part that corresponds to 30% of the four-month period”

Whether you are new to Madrid or you are about to arrive in September this year, this is excellent news to save on your subscription payments and be able to move more freely around the capital.

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