Do not be surprised if tonight you see some articulated giants walking the streets of Madrid.

“Lúmen · uma historia de amor” will today bring about 50 five-meter-high figures that will star in a large-format show that will be free and outdoors.

You will be able to witness this amazing show from 10:00 p.m., which is when the figures will illuminate the streets of the capital filling it with music and movement with their journey.

This large-format puppet show will take approximately one hour to illuminate places such as Plaza de Isabel II, Calle de Vergara, Calle Carlos III, Plaza de Oriente, Calle de Bailén and will end in the renovated Plaza de España. The Giants of Light will also make a parade in the Plaza Oriente in Madrid.



This ambitious proposal is made by Alcobaça S.A. Marionetas-Teatro & Bonecos (one of the great European references in contemporary puppet theater). They have chosen this large format to enhance “the grandeur of man and his history through the monumentality of his creations”

Its director, José Gil, declared about this show that

“It has exceeded our expectations, especially because of the moving testimonies that have come to us both from the participants of the communities with which we have worked and from the public.”

The show, which everyone can attend either following the route or finding them in Plaza España, will be accompanied by a musical narrative. Likewise, these giants of light are the ones that will open the activities of Los Veranos de la Villa 2022that will begin this July 5 in Plaza de España and will last until August 28.

Do not miss this incredible show today from 22:00, in which Madrid will be “invaded by giants”.

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