This morning many were surprised to see the sky with a color in an orange tone, as well as cars and buildings covered by a fine layer of dust, and it is that, not only in Madrid, but in much of Spain, it is under alert due to winds that are loaded with Saharan dust, that is, an intense haze



This important entry of dust from Africa is impacting the weather situation in Spain, joining the Celia storm and the abundant rains forecast for this week.

In addition to Madrid, other provinces of Spain such as Murcia, Alicante and Almería are also being affected by this phenomenon with an episode of haze that will progress from the south to the north of the country and will reach its maximum on Wednesday at dawn, remaining until Thursday.

From Meteored they comment “The worst of haze is yet to come”, arguing that on Tuesday afternoon there will be higher concentrations of dust than Monday, a day in which haze already left skies in ocher tones in Murcia, Almería and Alicante.

Likewise, they comment that the composition of the air will have an increase in PM10 particles, “Harmful to health”if they exceed certain limits. Therefore, this week, in many provinces of Spain there will be bad weather and poor air quality.


These inclement weather will also affect parks such as Retiro and 8 other parks in the capital that maintain certain areas of the parks (playgrounds, sports areas) will remain closed due to the yellow alert decreed by the gusts of wind that we have suffered in recent days.

We will be reporting any change in weather conditions and we call to take all the concerns that the City Council may issue as they evolve.

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