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Madrid Architecture for All

Calle de Toledo, 63, 28005 Madrid, Spain
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English, Espanol, Francais

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The keys to understand architecture easily.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the beauties surrounding you during your daily life ? This amazing cathedral in the center of the city, you don’t know anything about ? This building you are seeing over and over again without having any clue of when it was built ? Why it was built this way ?

We are all surrounded by amazing work of arts but unable to read them, to understand them. An anonymous space through which we don’t know anything about. What is the solution ?
Studying architecture ? Possible but not very tempting.
Learn everything about one single monument or building ? You can do it but would you be able to reproduce the experience for every single monument ?
What if there was another way ?
I will give you the main keys on how to read architecture yourself, the main styles of the city and how to decrypt them yourself, long after the end of the visit. Architecture will slowly become a game for you, an investigation in your free time, a new taste I will help you to acquire throughout Madrid !

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  • Learn about the history of Western Architecture !
  • Have a funny and instructive experience with your host !
  • Discover Madrid's building with a new point of view !


Our route:

- Church of San Andres
- Church of San Pedro El Viejo
- Basilica of San Miguel
- Plaza de la Villa
- Church Cathedral of la Fuerzas Armadas
- Arabic Walls
- Plaza de la Armeria
- Royal Theatre


  • A funny quiz to remember what was learned after the tour !


0 – 3 hours

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Calle de Toledo, 63, 28005 Madrid, Spain

Preguntas Frecuentes

Is this tour safe during the Coronavirus pandemic ?
This tour is available only for small groups. We will all have to keep the mask during all the tour.
I will have with me some hydroalcoholic gel to wash our hands.
I will measure your temperature before the tour to protect the other guests and have the safest time together.
Please do not book the tour if you feel any potential symptom of COVID-19.
What if I want to take of my mask during the tour ?
You would only be able to do so staying appart from the group and during a small amount of time.
What is the cancellation policy ?
If it was booked less than 7 days before the tour: the booking can be cancelled/refunded 24h hours after it has been made. After this time limit it cannot be cancelled/refunded.

If it was booked more than 7 days before: a booking can be cancelled/refunded freely without any penalty until 7 days before the tour. 7 days before the tour, the booking cannot then be cancelled/refunded anymore.
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